• Vatsal


    Machine Learning Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/vatsal-p-a57978149/

  • Sari Lakkis

    Sari Lakkis

    Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering | Entrepreneur | Wisdom Seeker.

  • Kirankumar Reddy C

    Kirankumar Reddy C

  • Fahad Masood Reda

    Fahad Masood Reda

    Founder of Fahad Academy|Educator |Data Science & MIS Mentor📊, I write about Data Science and MIS, follow me on: https://dope.link/themis

  • Raghnall Sgot MacTaillear

    Raghnall Sgot MacTaillear

    Financial Data Scientist, NYCHH www.LinkedIn.com/in/randallscotttaylor

  • Jorge Luiz Paes Barreto Bezerra

    Jorge Luiz Paes Barreto Bezerra

  • David B Rosen (PhD)

    David B Rosen (PhD)

    Lead Data Scientist for Automated Credit Approval at (not spkng for) IBM Financing. linkedin.com/in/rosen1/ {Medium Tip: Hold down any blk/wht👏up to 50 claps}

  • Naween Fonseka

    Naween Fonseka

    Software Engineer

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